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Fishing Net Sponge

Fishing Net Sponge

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This sponge was developed by Brazilian artist Nara Guichon from leftover fishing nets rescued from the ocean. 

They are hand-sewn by a group of women from a poor community in SC, generating income and supporting local work, both for these women and the fishermen from whom Nara buys the nets. Social and environmental responsibility. 

This is an excellent replacement for the common sponges that need to be replaced every three months and can't be recycled. In addition, this sponge is very resistant as its material is supposed to persist in salty waters. If well maintained, it can last for about ten times longer than regular sponges. Imagine not having to buy a sponge for such a long time. Read more about it here.

80% of ocean pollution is plastic; a significant part of this number comes from the fishing industry.

When not recycled, nylon and polyamide are often found at the bottom of the ocean; their petroleum-derived material is highly resistant and polluting. The nets can take hundreds of years to decompose. Not to mention damaging significant marine life.

It is a multi-purpose product, and can be that used for all household duties. Including heavy cleaning, for exemple; Barbecue grills, Tiles, Windows, Shoes and more.

Suggestion on how to clean the sponge: Let it soak in a bowl with vinegar for 5 min.

Size: 13.5cm x 15cm

Material: Recycled Polyamide (nylon)

Note: As it is a handcrafted material, it may differ in colour and size.

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