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Rattan Earring Stand

Rattan Earring Stand

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Rattan effect earring stand.

Laser cut birch plywood and hand stained with dye.
Available in two colourways.
Lightweight yet sturdy.
Comes separated, place the stand in the hole of the base to assemble.
Holds multiple types of jewellery, have fun arranging your items however you’d like!
Earrings not included.

Height: 25cm approx
Length of base: 22cm approx
Width of stand: 17cm approx
Width of base: 4.5cm approx
Thickness: 4mm approx

May have a slight smell to it to begin with, this is due to the burning of the wood and the dye, but it will fade after a short period of time. 
There also may be slight imperfections, but this all adds to its natural and handmade charm!

All orders will be made to order. This means that orders will be fulfilled in approximately 1-2 weeks. Please be aware of this when ordering. 

All designs are influenced heavily by the fashions and trends of the 1960s and 70s.

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