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Hemp bread bag | natural

Hemp bread bag | natural

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Hemp bread bags are made of 100 % hemp. A bag can be used for bread, pasta, nuts, and herbs. Food will stay fresh longer in a natural fabric bag. Hemp bags are zero waste and a sustainable choice to store food as it can be reused many times.

SIZE: 20 x 20 cm, 20 x 40 cm, 15 x 60 cm (for baguette). 

COLOUR: natural.

MATERIALS: 100 % hemp fabric (155 g/m2).

Natural hemp textile is becoming more and more popular due to its advantages:  

- Soft and pleasant to touch. 

 - Durable and long-lasting.  

- Sustainable and eco-friendly.   

Care information:

- You may have some hemp pilling after the first 2-3 linen fabric washings.

- Keep the water temperature no hotter than 40°C/104°F. If you wash hemp at a too hot temperature it can shrink and the color of hemp fabric will fade faster.

- You may have some extra minimal shrinkage after tumbler drying.

- Do not bleach.

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